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Program Process Flow Chart

Youth & Family Resource Center

  1. 45-Day Case Review
    1. Entire team meets to staff case and agree on priorities for case.
    2. Tentative case plan agreed on with goals for minor/family. Service plan done and signed.
  2. Family Case Review
    1. Within one week of 45-day review, schedule meeting with minor, parents, probation officer, Dept. of Education teacher.
    2. Other team members working with minor/family may be invited.
    3. Review tentative case plan and finalize. Have parents sign service plan.
  3. Subsequent 9-Week Interim Case Review
    1. Update initial assessments and case plan.
    2. Complete service plan and obtain team member's signatures.
    3. Review with minor and parent and obtain parent's signatures.
  4. 6-Month Case Review
    1. Follow procedures for 45-Day Case Review and Family Case Review.