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Juvenile Court Video & Guidebook

Juvenile Court Guidebook

Youth between the ages of 12 and 18, alleged to have committed a crime, are typically processed through the Juvenile Justice System. This can be an especially stressful and emotional experience for youth and their families. The court process moves very quickly and can be confusing and overwhelming at times. This video will help to describe the stages of juvenile court proceedings and the various court personnel involved in bringing a resolution to the youth’s case. The video also includes information on the booking process for youth brought into juvenile hall, as well as the variety of services and evidence-based programs available for detained youth. Throughout the video are helpful tips to assist families in successfully navigating the system. It is our hope that this video answers your questions and concerns.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact the Orange County Probation Department Family Engagement Coordinator at (714) 935-7524.

Orange County Juvenile Court - Part 1

Orange County Juvenile Court - Part 2


This guide was developed to educate parents and legal guardians who have youth that are entering the juvenile justice system for the first time regarding the possible legal outcomes specific to the Orange County Juvenile Court System. The court process for in-custody and out-of-custody youth is explained, along with resources for outside services which may be useful during this time.


Juvenile Court Guidebook – English


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Juvenile Court Guidebook – Vietnamese