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Careers At O.C. Probation

A Great Place to Live & Work!

A great place to live and work, Orange County was recently ranked the best place to live in North America by the "Places Rated Almanac." Orange County was placed first because of its wide variety of recreation, entertainment and opportunities.

The County of Orange, with a population of over 3 million, is located in Southern California. Orange County is located 70 miles from San Diego and 25 miles from Los Angeles. Orange County has a mild climate with an abundance of scenic beauty, including beaches, lakes and mountain ranges.

The Orange County Probation Department maintains high expectations for its officers, making it a very professional department.

Make a Life-Changing Career Choice!

Thank you for your interest in the Orange County Probation Department. If you are interested in applying for the Deputy Juvenile Correctional Officer (DJCO) position, we encourage interested applicants to complete an electronic interest card. When this recruitment opens, the system will automatically notify you via email.

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about the Probation Department. Please visit our Volunteer Programs to find out about the various volunteer opportunities within the Department.

For information regarding other job opportunities with the County of Orange please visit the Orange County Job Opportunities web site.

Pre-Employment Preparation

Volunteer Probation Officer Preparation